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Buio Pesto is a musical dialectal band from the small town of Bogliasco near Genoa, Italy.

The name of the group is an Italian way to describe something very dark, but at the same time the word pesto can also refer to the typical Ligurian pasta sauce, the Pesto. As a matter of fact the band’s logo, characterized by a strong green colour, resembles a Ligurian basil leaf, which is the most important ingredient for Pesto.

The Buio Pesto band leader is Massimo Morini, winner of the Italian Song Festival of Sanremo in 2013 as Antonio Maggio’s orchestra conductor.

The musical style varies from rock, to rap, to reggae and to folk music. The most important characteristic of their lyrics is the strong sarcasm and comic irony which gives the music a peculiar goliardic touch.

In 2005 Genoa gave to Buio Pesto the Disco D’Oro (Gold record) because they reached 50.000 albums sold.

Buio Pesto have collected more than 180.000 euros for charity.



By showing the red Buio Pesto Card will be applied a 10% discount on the accomodation in our Hotel, and by showing the green Card will be applied a 15% discount.

To get the red Buio Pesto Card, you have to partecipate to a Buio Pesto concert; to get a green Card, you have to buy a gadget in one of the stands at Buio Pesto concerts.


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